September 17, 2010

EnergyMatrix and SRE Solutions Join to Provide Lighting Solution to Conserve Energy, Produce Renewable Energy and Reduce Carbon Footprint.


International CES 2010

December, 7th - 10th 2010

Energy Matrix Inc. an exclusive distributor of Japanese LED lighting products announced a new product release to the green industry today. Products are commited in promoting energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED products. Our company selects desirable options for customers who want to protect the environment, prevent pollution, and save electricity costs.


E-Newsletter Vol.1 Preliminary

Aug 21, 2009

Energy Matrix Inc. an exclusive distributor of Japanese LED lighting products announced a new product release to the green industry today. Products are commited in promoting energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED products. Our company selects desirable options for customers who want to protect the environment, prevent pollution, and save electricity costs.


Innovation Matrix Inc. Fights Global Energy Crisis Is Along With Energy Matrix And Chuo Electric Works.

March 16, 2009

EnergyMatrixTM-A New Division of Innovation Matrix Signs Master Distributer Agreement with Chuo Electric Works, Focusing on Green Technology



Industry News

The demand of LED package for TVs will jump 450% to reach 9.36 billion units in 2010

2nd, January 2010

In early 2009, after Samsung invested a large budget in promoting the new concept of LED TV, the market witnessed a surge in the replacement of new generation television.. Further information


New Energy Policies World-wide promote the Development of the LED lighting in the industry

29th, January 2010

Faced with issues such as energy shortage and global warming, governments across the globe have implemented various incentives and subsidies for energy saving products.. Further information


Aggressive LED TV Promotion Begins - Consumer acceptance determines the supply and demand of LED in 2H10

27th, January 2010

TV brand vendors are highly optimistic about the shipments of LED TVs in 2010, indicated research institute LED inside.. Further information


Rise of LED Ambient Lights and LED Night Safety Street Lights in Japan

22nd, January 2010

Japan is the birthplace oof LED outdoor lighting including LED ambient lights, LED night safety street lights, which help to reduce crime, and other novel lighting fixtures... Further information


New Energy Policies World-wide Promote the development of LED Lighting Industry - LED forum 2009 Report (10)

22nd, January 2010

Faced with issues such as energy shortage and global warming, governments across the globe have implemented various incentives and subsidies for energy-saving products. At the LED forum 2009 Panel Discussion, LED industry heavyweights shared their points of view on the competition and developoment in the industry.. Further information


Green Energy Trends for 2010: the Compound Annual Growth Rate of LED Light Source Reaches 32% with the Advancement of LED Lighting Technology

21st, January 2010

Energy- saving is one of the key focuses of current social concerns. There are significant differences between various energy saving technologies - while any technology that reduces power consumtion saves electricity fees, and reduces environmental pollution by lowering carbon dioxide emission levels, some technologies consume so much energy to an extent that it offsets the amount of energy saved.. Further information


Diodides Incorporated Announces an LED Driver that Reduces Size and Cost of Lighting Products

20th, January 2010

Diodides Incorporated, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete and analog semiconductor markets, today announced a 1 Amp rated linear mode, constant-current LED driver specifically designed to reduce the size and cost of a range of general illumination products, including flashlights and lighting in emergency, garden and poolside applications.. Further information


Low Interest in Guernsey Carbon Tax Scheme

19th, January 2010

There has been a lack of response by islanders to a consultation on plans to tax those with high emission vehicles, Guernsy's government had said .. Further information


Solar Eclipse Brings Darkness in Asia and Africa

19th, January 2010

A solar eclipse has plunged parts of Africa and Asia into semi-darkness... Further information


BBC News Dreaming of a Green Christmas

28 December 2009..

Environmentalists Felix Dodds and Michael Strauss use this week's Green Room to pass on a message from a seasonal contributor... Further information


Meaningful Deal Reached Copenhagen Climate Summit

21 December 2009..

Key states have reached what they call a "meaningful agreement" at the Copenhagen climate summit. A US government official said the deal was a "historic step forward" but was not enough to prevent dangerous climate change in the future... Further information


Danish Wind of Change On Energy

21 December 2009..

BBC Wales' Environment Correspondent Iolo ap Dafydd looks at the contrast between who invests, owns and benefits from wind energy in Denmark, compared to Wales, and other problems which may face the wind industry... Further information


Climate Talks at the Crossroads

17 December 2009..

The UN climate summit in Copenhagen is mulling arguments from all sides - but not everyone agrees on how to allign the interests of business and the climate .. Further information


Energy Pairing on Crest of a Wave

16 December 2009..

One of Europe's biggest energy companies teams up with an Edinburgh firm to develop the first wave power project off Shetland.. Further information

Oklahoma needs renewable energy standard

2 December 2009..

Oklahoma city- A former member of the state board that regulates utilities said Wednesday that Oklahoma needs to develop a renewable energy standard to encourage development of its wind energy sector and potentially lure manufacturing jobs.. Further information


Formosa Epitaxy to Establish the Largest LED Plant in China

18 November 2009..

LED industry giants, including Formosa Epitaxy (3061), Unity Opto (2499), Amtran, and LG Display (LGD), have jointly-invested a total of NT4.8 billion (~USD 150 million) to set up an LED chip manufacturing plant in Jiangsu – Jiangsu Canyang Corporation (transliterated). Further information


Carbon Counters

03 November 2009..

If you want to cut your output, first you've got to know what it is. A whole new industry is ready to help. Further information


Top 100 Solar Inventions

26 Oct 2009..

Check it- I found this site posting the most trendy Solar Inventions. Solar Powered Retina! Further information


Gold In the Sky

26 Oct 2009..

Johannesburg, the scene of the 29th bi-annual ISES (International Solar Energy Society) Solar World Congress held from 11th-14th October 2009, is the only major international city that is not founded on a coast or that does not have a river running through it. Further information


Sustainable Spanish Ecotechture in Madrid

25 Oct 2009..

A-Cero & Joaquin Torres Design Eco Power Research Facility in Murci. Madrid-based international architecture firm A-cero and architect Joaquín Torres won an architectural competition for an academic research center that studies renewable energy sources in Murcia, Spain. Further information


Obama says U.S. Must Win Clean Energy Race

23 Oct 2009..

Speaking at MIT, the president says the nation that leads in the alternative-energy field will also lead the world. Later today, Obama will focus on a different kind of power at two fundraisers. Further information


Eifel Tower Celebrates 150 Years with LED Lights

23 Oct 2009..

A lighting display to mark the 120th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower uses 400 RGB LED spotlights on one of its four facades. Further information

Solar Powered Renewable Energy Robots Unveiled

21 Oct 2009..

And now something quite out of the ordinary:At a recent conference and workshop on today's leading edge robotic research, a team of research engineers from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute displayed a unique application of solar energy that could transform the way waterways are monitored throughout the world.. Further information


DOE comments on Energy Star Takeover by EPA

19 Oct 2009..

DOE is still not sure what will happen to the Energy Star for SSL program under EPA control, although the criteria adoption process for outdoor lighting and replacement lamps will continue. Further information


Solar Energy Plant For Kuwait

14 Oct 2009..

KUWAIT - KUWAIT plans to call a tender next year for a solar energy plant, and aims for five percent of total supply from renewable energy by 2020, an official told the state news agency on Wednesday. Further information


R.I. gets rest of its energy stimulus funds

14 Oct 2009..
WASHINGTON – Rhode Island has received $11 million in federal stimulus money for energy projects, the U.S. Energy Department announced Wednesday. Further information


Can Free Broadband cut Energy Consumption?

12 Oct 2009..

Here’s an idea: Offer digital rewards — free broadband access, digital goods, or web services — for consumers and organizations that reduce their energy consumption.Further information


ADOT Identifies 68 Lighting Options
Oct 9, 2009..
There's thin. Then there's paper thin. Sony showed an electroluminescent (EL) display that's print-paper thin at the Display2008 conference in Tokyo. Further information


Russia Plans to Ban Incandescent Lamps by 2014
Oct 9, 2009..
Russia plans to mirror the steps being taken by the European Union to phase-out inefficient lamps over time.Further information


Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2009

September 28, 2009..

Asia's biggest lighting event will be showcased on October 27-30, 2009. With new developments coming thick and fast in the lighting industry, there's nowhere better to make sure that your business is switched on than by visiting the HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition). Futher information


Micron to Explore LED-Manufacturing with $5M Federal Stimulus Grant
September 25, 2009..

Micron Technology Inc. has received $5 million federal economic stimulus grant announced today which will help it to pursue manufacturing of LED devices, according to a local media of Idaho, USA. And company officials believe the venture could bring significant revenue and employment growth over the next few years. Further information


Philips First to Submit to DOE L Prize Competition with Development of LED Replacement for Common Household Bulb

September 25, 2009..

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced Thursday that the Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize (L Prize) competition has received its first entrant, a product from Philips Electronics. Philips has developed, manufactured and will bring to market an LED replacement for the common 60-Watt incandescent light bulb. Further information

Energy Department Advances Carbon Capture and Storage Research on Two Fronts

September 16, 2009..

Washington, D.C. — Forty-three research projects that will advance carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies while providing graduate and undergraduate student training opportunities at universities across the country will be supported by $12.7 million in U.S. Department of Energy funding announced today. Further information


The application of infrared LED


DIY Earth Friendly LED Milk Bottle Lights

This design is the most out of the box yet still holds the same recycling concept!


State Regulators OK $95 Million for Renewable Energy Plants

August 21, 2009..

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) - State regulators have given the go-ahead for an auction to distribute $95 million to new wind, solar, or other renewable energy plants. Further information



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